USPS Employee Gets DUI

USPS Mail Carrier arrested for DUI; drives mail truck into ditch

suspected dui driverAn Oklahoma mail carrier was arrested for DUI mid-July after police responded to a call of a USPS mail vehicle stuck in a ditch. When deputies arrived, they reported that the mail truck had been driven into the ditch and was consequently stuck. The driver, 47 year old Lee Turner, had no visible injuries, but as deputies began to question her they reported her speech was slurred, she staggered when attempting to walk, and she seemed dazed.

A field test was administered after Lee admitted to taking several prescription pain pills in just a few hours time. She was later booked in Oklahoma County jail for driving under the influence.

Turner has since posted bail and has been released. Her trial date has yet to be reported.

Oklahoma and California define Driver Under the Influence differently from each other, and therefor a DUI in Oklahoma might not count as a prior DUI in California. If a similar situation had occurred in CA, the DMV would have surely suspended the driver’s license in ten days from the date of the arrest.

View the Oklahoma Fox Channel report at: okcfox.com/story