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  • I am so glad that I found Chad Maddox here on yelp his positive reviews have proven to be correct. From our first encounter with Chad he was very personable and willing to hear my story and was understanding of my situation.


    Christian P.

  • The DMV refused to reinstate my commercial license, even though I got a restricted license (so that I could drive to and from work). I was in danger of losing my job!

    Chad's results on my case were absolutely astounding! The court ordered the DMV to give me back my commercial license!

    2nd DUI - Appealed DMV Commercial Lic. Suspension

    Mike W.

  • A 2nd DUI with a Probation Violation, usually has a bail of $25,000! Chad got me NO BAIL BOND, and was able to dismiss my drug charge! I cannot express my gratitude in words.

    2nd DUI, Probation Violation

    Leslie A.

  • I ran and fought the police during my DUI arrest. I was charged with felony assault & felony battery on a police officer. I could've spent 3 years in jail. Chad got all of my felonies reduced to misdemeanors, and kept me completely out of jail!

    2nd DUI, Evasion, Felony Assault, & Battery on the Police

    Carl W.

Chad has dedicated the last 14 years of his law practice to fighting Californian license suspensions

Over the years, Chad Maddox’s practice has focused on fighting license suspensions, appealing DMV license suspensions, DMV hearings, Writs of Mandate(aka suing the Department of Motor Vehicles) and DUI defense.

Chad has been admitted to the California Courts of Appeal, the California Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court. Chad is recognized by many criminal attorneys as a leader in DUI defense, and DMV defense.

Areas of Expertise:

Fight to keep your ability to drive

  • DMV hearings (driver's license protection)
  • Ex parte hearings (place a hold on your suspension)
  • Writ of Mandate against DMV (Sue the Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Restricted licenses (drive to work, school, community service, & court ordered classes)
  • Out of state DUI related license suspensions
  • Refusal cases
  • 1st DUI
    • Dismissals
    • Wet reckless
    • No jail-time
    • Reduced fines and fees
  • Multiple DUIs
    • Dismissals
    • No jail-time
    • House arrest
    • Reduced fines and fees
    • Out of State DUIs
  • DUI With Accidents & Injuries
    • Dismissals
    • Felonies
    • No jail-time
    • Reduced fines and fees

Keep evidence from entering court!

The 4th amendment of the constitution protects us from illegal or unreasonable searches & seizures.

This means, if a police officer gathers evidence illegally (either stopping you without just cause, or searching your person illegally), that evidence CAN NOT be used against you in court or at DMV hearings.

Chad Maddox is exceptional at recognizing when your 4th amendment rights have been violated, getting case evidence thrown out because of that violation, and regularly achieves DMV/DUI victories with this strategy.

One of the highest honors a lawyer can achieve, is having their case work become published law

Chad built a defense that was so strong, it eventually become published Californian law!
  • Chad built a strong case that won at the County court level
  • Then the county courts appealed Chad's victory
  • Chad's defense was so sound, that it won again in the court of appeals
    • Chad’s defense was original, and argued for a certain interpretation of the Californian criminal law
    • The appellate judge agreed to Chad's interpretation of this particular Californian law
  • This led to the case being published and becoming a part of Californian DUI/DMV law.

This means that judges across all of California have to interpret this section of law in the same way that won Chad's case.
Lawyers can reference Chad's case as "case law", and better defend their clients in court and at the DMV. 

- Published opinion for the defense in Arias v. Superior Court (2008) 167 Cal. App. 4th Supp. 1, 84 Cal.Rptr. 3d 264; 2008 Cal. App. LEXIS 1582

Chad also contributed an "Amicus Curiae" brief to a Northern CA DMV case, which was published into law 2012

The writing lawyers of this defendant, used Chad's case work extensively to build their client's defense. When the DMV appealed their victory, Chad Maddox was asked to submit a briefing as the "Amicus Curiae" (Friend of the Court).

Chad submitted a 31 page brief going over each legal argument in detail - stating why the Court of Appeals should uphold the trial Court's decision in favor of the client. The Appellate judge agreed, and denied the DMV's appeal, which caused the case to become Californian law.

Ca judges have to interpret this section of law in the same manner, that won Matteo's case with the DMV.
DMV attorneys can reference this case as "case law", and better defend their clients in court and at the DMV. 

- Published opinion for the defense in Matteo v California State Department of Motor Vehicles
Case No. A130542 (CA Dist. 1 Ct. App., Sep. 21, 2012)