Arrest details:
The Client is a truck driver dependent on his Class A commercial license in order to earn a living.  While driving his car, he was stopped by the CHP for “weaving.”  His attorney obtained a copy of a video of the stop, which showed that the Client was not committing any violation of the rules of the road when he was stopped.  At the Client’s DMV hearing, the DMV refused to view the video or admit it into evidence.  The DMV then suspended his license for four-months, and his commercial license for one-year.

How we won:
Case settled out of court.  The DMV agreed to grant Client a new DMV hearing and stay the suspensions of his licenses pending the outcome of the new hearing.

Writ of Mandate - New DMV Hearing GRANTED

Marvin B. v. DMV (02-09-15) (Riverside County)