Arrest details: In November 2014 the Client was convicted of a first offense DUI in Orange County. Subsequent to the conviction, the DMV issued a two year second offender suspension notice to the Client based on a June 2005 Ohio “DUI” conviction and the Orange County conviction. However, the DUI laws in Ohio are not substantially the same as the DUI laws in California and the DMV may not give effect to an Ohio DUI conviction unless it has Ohio court records establishing that the conviction meets the legal requirement to be a DUI in California.

How we won:  We sent the DMV a letter demanding it remove the Ohio conviction and correct the suspension notice to a first offense or face court action. As we were heading to court the DMV complied with the demand and the Client was able to get a restricted license.

Writ of Mandate - Ohio DUI Conviction on California Record

Mike D. v. DMV (12-16-14) (Orange County)