Arrest details: The Client was convicted of DUI in California in 2002. In July of 2005, the Client was convicted of “DUI” in Hawaii. During the next ten years, the DMV renewed the Client’s driver license three times. In addition, during that ten year period the Client committed no alcohol related offenses, had no traffic infractions, and was not involved in any traffic collisions. Yet, ten years later, and without explanation, the DMV suspended the Client’s driver license for two years based on his Hawaii “second offense.”

How we won:  We filed a petition for writ of mandate in the Superior Court and conducted an emergency, Ex Parte, hearing before the judge to get the DMV’s action put on hold while the case was pending. The judge immediately put a stop to the DMV unjust, and illegal action. We were able to demonstrate that not only did a “DUI” conviction in Hawaii not meet the criteria to be a DUI in California, but that the DMV had taken too long to take action against the Client. Soon after the judge put a stop to the DMV’s action, the DMV contacted us and agreed to set aside the suspension action and remove the Hawaii conviction from the Client’s driving record.

Writ of Mandate - Hawaii DUI Convictions on California Record

Scott W. v. DMV (08-31-2015) (Los Angeles County)